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Repeating the Past

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

I went off to college slightly earlier than most, approximately six days after my high school graduation. I'd been admitted to the University of Texas at Austin, and I was excited for it, but was given provisional admission upon completing some summer program. Before even starting college, I felt like I was already setting off on the wrong foot. Summer school? Come on.

To cope with my situation, I decided to do something I'd never done before: start a blog. Over at ben3308.com I launched a blog of movie reviews, personal gripes, and other monotony. I was mostly writing just to voice frustrations, and find something to do in my off hours. Something happened, though. I'd registered it with Technorati, and shown it off online a few places, and before I knew it my blog was getting a little too much attention. I'd get 15,000 reblogs or saves, and even more comments. Within two months, my personal project became very, really public. This wasn't what I wanted, so I shut the blog down.

You have to understand, this was 2008. The world was a different place. Most social media, at least as we know it, didn't exist. The internet 'felt' smaller, I guess. So a little blog causing a big-ish stir would spell bigger problems for me. I shuttered the online publication and never looked back.

Well, here we are nearly 12 years later, and I've decided to start anew. The timing just seems right. Why write? What's the point, right? I'm not really sure. But we all gotta start somewhere. Even if we are, technically, starting again.

Here I sit, typing on my laptop at 25 thousand feet, crammed into the bulkhead aisle seat on a 787. As we barrel toward Los Angeles from the cold and waterlogged Carolinas, the captain announces that due to unseasonably strong headwinds, our journey should take just over five hours. Plenty of time to start something new.

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